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3 Game Ideas for Your Upcoming Online Drinking Session

When it comes to cracking a few cold ones, lying back, and relaxing, you probably expect your drinking sessions to be accompanied by something else because downing a few bottles alone can be quite bleak.

Whether you’re looking for conversation or music, the main idea is that a drinking session is never complete until the beverages are accompanied by something that keeps the conversation going. If you’ve tried to drink with a few friends and not talk at all, then you’ll probably be familiar with the idea of how awkward things can get just after a few seconds of dead silence. 

If you’re trying to relax and drink away amid the pandemic, being able to do something while conversing with friends is an absolute necessity. After all, would you like to spend an hour just looking at the screen while drinking and watching other people do the same no one remembers how to interact? 

Got an online drinking session coming up? Here are a few game ideas to get the ball rolling

Fortunately, drinking with friends or acquaintances (or even a hot date) doesn’t have to rely on conversing alone to be exciting if you’ve got a video call drinking session. If you do not want to enter a virtual chat room with a bottle in your hand while expecting the most awkward situation, here are three drinking game ideas on how you can break the ice: 

Game idea #1: Never Have I Ever

If you’ve got a few newcomers or acquaintances on the video drinking call that you’re not entirely familiar with, then this game is a great way to break the awkward silence and help them warm up. 

The mechanics are simple: you all start with your hands up and do a rotation where one person says something they’ve never done before. If the others have done it in the past, they have to put their finger down and take a shot. This same cycle repeats until you get to someone who’s put all of their fingers down and must now do a dare or challenge that everyone wants them to do!

Game idea #2: King’s Cup

Like its in-person version, King’s Cup can be played online with friends by making a few adjustments to how the mechanics work and some rule-related reworks.

To play this game over a video drinking session, you’ll need to designate one person who has a deck of cards on them and can pull cards for everyone (you can opt for a random card generator if doing it manually is hard). Once you’ve got everything set up, ask everyone to load up on their drinks and follow along so that no one gets to miss out on the fun or back out of any shots! 

Game idea #3: Watch Party Shot Lists

This game idea is perfect if you and your friends have a movie that you all love and wouldn’t mind watching again. During this game, you’ll need to develop a shot list of different things that would merit one, two, or three shots that everyone needs to take when the specified events occur. For instance, every time a character says a catchphrase, everyone will have to take a shot, but don’t be afraid to get creative with the rules!


As awkward as the idea of drinking over a video call with your friends before you all can head over to SIP Coffee and Beer again for a drink may seem, enjoying the right activities can help ease things up for some much-needed fun. With the three ideas mentioned above, you’ll be able to come prepared for your next online drink session with a few tricks up your sleeve that will have everyone smiling and laughing, just like the old times!

We’re a local coffee shop in Scottsdale and Phoenix that’s also a tap house, cocktail bar, and restaurant where all people can dine and enjoy with their friends and family. If you’re looking to enjoy a drink or start regaining a sense of self and community with your friends and other locals in the area, visit us today!

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