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4 Best Beer and Food Pairings to Try on Your Next Night Out

Most people go to a bar and order their favorite beer without a second thought. If food options are available, people generally order the same dishes each time. However, most people don’t know that it is quite possible to pair different types of craft beers with different types of food for an entirely different experience, just like how wines are better paired with certain dishes. 

While it might be a joy to experiment and discover what types of beer go with what dishes, we’ve assembled this list so you can have a good baseline of food and beer pairings. After all, eating and drinking are intensely personal, determined by one’s personal preferences and tastes. Here are some of these pairings:

German beers

German beer is known for its lighter taste compared to other types of beer. As such, food with milder flavors, such as fish or lightly-seasoned chicken, pair well with it. If the dish is more heavily seasoned or in some sort of cream sauce, a heavier beer might work better to complement the strong flavors. 


IPAs are characterized by their bitter and hoppy quality. They go well with strong-flavored dishes that are not overpowered by the flavors in IPAs. IPAs also have a cooling effect that matches well with spicier dishes, like Mexican food.

Their hoppiness can even help them act as a palate cleanser, washing away one course’s flavors before you move onto the next. 

IPAs also pair well with heavier, fattier foods. For example, the salty flavor of sausages, deep-fried meats, and French fries can counteract the flavor in the IPA. Belgian beers also go well with salty foods.

Brown beer and ale

These types of beers go well with a nice, juicy steak. The beers’ strong flavors can pair well with steak, as neither will drown each other out. The aromas of aromas and sweetness in brown beers and ales perfectly match with a New York strip. If the steak features stronger flavors and more seasoning, it is always a good rule of thumb to go with a darker beer. 


Corona beer is fairly similar to IPAs due to its cooling effect. This is why it is often paired with Mexican food and other spicy dishes. Some people compare its palate-cooling effects to milk, with its ability to wash away and protect the tongue from heat. As such, it pairs well with salsa, hot wings, Thai food, and the like. If chilies are a part of the dish, it might help you to have a glass or bottle of Corona beer nearby. 

In conclusion

The world of pairing beer and food is yours to explore at your own pace. That being said, it is still a good idea to get a little crazy sometimes and experiment with new pairings. With these as a baseline for your next culinary adventure, you can quite easily find the pairing of your dreams that will become a staple of nights out at your local craft beer place.

If you are looking for craft beer in Phoenix to pair with your meals, give us a call at SIP Coffee & Beer. We have great flavors that can pair with nearly every dish you can cook up. 

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