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7 Great Reasons You Should Switch to Drinking Craft Beers

Many people don’t know that there are more options to beer than the popular brands available in most stores. If you have never tried craft beer, you are definitely missing out. Craft beer is a catch-all term for beers that have been brewed and made by small, independent breweries in your area. 

Many of these brewers are local owners of small businesses (or even just hobbyists) who value quality over profit, making craft beers a much better option than the mass-produced brands. 

If you still aren’t convinced that you should try your local craft beers, here are a few good reasons you should:

1. The variety is astounding

Most big bottlers only sell their beers in a few varieties, whereas microbreweries are producing more and more flavors every day. These independent brewers are dedicated to exploring which flavors could be used in the process of creating beer and in varying degrees. 

The rush to innovate the flavors of beer has become so intense, in fact, that there is likely even a bunch of annual beer brewing competitions in your area. 

2. It uses better ingredients

Generally, beer is made from the following ingredients: water, hops, grains, and yeast. Unfortunately, many macro breweries have to sacrifice some quality for quantity, which most microbreweries don’t do at all. In addition to using the best ingredients they can find, the other ingredients they might use usually answer to that same demand in quality. 

3. It is better for your health than mass-produced beers

The experimentation with craft beers has led to beers containing lots of healthy nutrients, like antioxidants, vital proteins, and vitamins. These brews have shown to be a good source of silicon, and studies have even indicated that the hops in craft beers can prevent the decline of the brain’s cognitive functions.  

4. More alcohol.

It is no secret that some popular beer brands are no better than bitter, carbonated water with their 2.5 percent alcohol content. Craft beers, more often than not, offer three to four times more alcohol by volume. 

5. There are appropriate beers for every season and event

Most independent brewers try to create as many flavors as they can to match every season and type of event. They might try to capture the flavors of fall, winter, spring, or summer. 

A beer for a birthday party should also be different from the beer used in a stag party or the beer served in a high-class dinner party. 

6. You end up supporting small businesses

Small businesses will be especially thankful for your support of the local economy. You would not just be supporting one brewer but their whole family and the local industry. After all, that big company can afford to lose one customer, so why not spend your money on an establishment that values you more? 

The development of the local economy is also beneficial to the development of a community’s culture, which can create an environment in which smaller enterprises flourish and grow. 

7. It is more sustainable than mass-produced breweries

Most local brewers adhere to the strictest environmental guidelines, incorporating other sustainable practices, such as composting and recycling and reuse of different materials such as used grain. 

This is especially true if you use a keg and have it refilled by your local brewer. It reduces the waste that you would have used if you bought bottles and cans.


While it does cost more at times, craft beers are overall better—better value for your money, better flavors, better quality, better for the environment, and better for the local economy. There are virtually no negatives to supporting your local independent brewers, especially if you value flavor and quality.

If you’re looking for craft beer in Phoenix, send us at Sip Coffee and Beer a message. We are a local brewery with delicious selections for you to enjoy.

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