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Props for the home of the best Arizona Breakfast Burrito

Here at Sip we try to keep an eye on what’s up at Thrillist. First, because it’s “an online media website covering food, drink, travel and entertainment,” and that’s kinda where we live. And second, because we have had immense trust in their judgment ever since 2016 when they named Sip one of the “Best Coffee Shops in Phoenix.”

Smart folks over there at Thrillist.
About the same time Sip was getting started, Thrillist’s Kristin Hunt wrote a piece on “14 delicious regional breakfasts across the nation.” It’s a fun read, if for no other reason than it lets you say “scrapple” and “goetta” and “hopple popple.” But Kristin didn’t go state-by-state, so you don’t get to read about “Arizona Breakfast Burrito.” She does talk about Colorado’s Green Chile Breakfast Burrito, which is apparently a thing because of its green chile topping, not its all-around burritoness. So the Rocky Mountain State doesn’t have a lock on the breakfast burro; not by a long shot. And since we’re still waiting for Thrillist to offer a rundown of the “Best Breakfast Burrito AZ” (which would of course include a reference to ours, IOHP), we thought we’d weigh in on another of Kristin’s mentions: the Breakfast Taco.

Really? It’s just a taco

First, we wanna throw a little Southwest shade — and as we write this, our part of the Southwest could really use a little more shade, just sayin’ — by noting that Texans often lay claim to inventing the breakfast taco.

So, un momento, por favor: that’s like saying you invented the sandwich. Or that when you lived in a dorm in college you invented the breakfast pizza because there were a couple of slices left on a Saturday morning after.

And even if somebody in Texas did roll the first one, which we seriously doubt, it’s really not a big deal. It’s morning. You’re hungry. You got tortillas. You got leftover taco fillings. Eureka!

However and wherever it got its start, in Texas today, breakfast tacos are all over the place. Restaurants serve ’em; even nationwide fast food chains that don’t serve tacos anywhere outside Texas. Street vendors have ’em. Gas stations serve ’em. (Insert juvenile joke here.) Morning corporate meetings that promise breakfast often include a taco bar rather than bagels. In Texas, for some reason, the simple breakfast taco is a big, big deal.

Of course, we have to admit: Breakfast tacos … pretty tasty.

The thing is, we’re going to argue that they’re also a scam. Because each taco doesn’t contain much of that Southwestern goodness you’re craving. To get that, you have to order more than one. And they’re usually priced with that in mind. Order a few al pastors ala carte for you and the fam and pretty soon breakfast is more than just the most important meal of the day.

So that leads us to ask, why not offer a single menu item that packs all that borderland bounty into one handy package? And, we ask, isn’t it time for more surveys and listicles of regional food finds to include “Arizona Breakfast Burrito”?

Yes. Yes, it is. And here’s why …

9 reasons why “Arizona Breakfast Burrito” beats “Breakfast Taco, Texas”

  1. You don’t have to go to Texas to get them. (And that’s good only because … um … it’s so far. Yeah! That’s what we meant. A-hem.)
  2. Breakfast tacos contain more “ands” than commas: bacon and egg, bean and cheese, potato and chorizo. Whereas …
  3. Our breakfast burrito contains more commas than “ands”; also an “or” and a couple of pluses: scrambled eggs, potatoes, cheddar cheese, chorizo or bacon, plus chicken sausage, plus avocado. (With a side of salsa.)
  4. Love tortillas? A breakfast burrito has more tortilla to love. It takes a lot of tortilla to cuddle all that breakfasty deliciousness.
  5. We’re not saying you should do this, but you could save half of your “Arizona breakfast burrito” for later. It’s bigger — It can be two meals in one!
  6. Nobody shares a “Breakfast taco, Texas.” It’s just not big enough. In fact, if you look very, very closely, it says right there on the state seal of Texas, Taco una, unum hominem — “One taco, one person.”
  7. But in Arizona, you can hand half of your breakfast burrito across the table to a friend, anytime you want. Maybe you could each order different ingredients and trade! Then you’ll both be well qualified to vote if Thrillist calls you about “Best Breakfast Burrito AZ.”
  8. There is nowhere — literally nowhere — you can get a “Breakfast taco, Texas” in the state of Arizona. Think you could make your own? Wrong! Because as soon as you assemble those pitifully few ingredients in true Texas style you’ll realize … your taco is in the wrong state!
  9. But you’re in exactly the right state for a breakfast burrito. And we can think of two ideal places where you can experience “Breakfast Burrito, Arizona” for yourself. Better yet, bring a friend and do the trade thing and you can both experience it. Or bring more friends and everybody pass their burrito around, because this is Arizona! And unlike those one-person tacos two states over, burritos are about variety and sharing and, yes, freedom. (Are you listening, Thrillist?)

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