best cold brew coffee az

Looking Up ‘Best Cold Brew Coffee AZ’? Look No Further Than Sip

A refreshing iced coffee can power you up with cold caffeine and bold flavor. Are you looking for the best cold brew coffee in Arizona? Search no farther than Sip.

Sip’s shops in Phoenix and Scottsdale have the smoothest cold brew coffee and nitro cold brew in Arizona, perfect on ice on its own or in iced lattes, macchiatos, and other yummy cold coffee beverages. Cool off from Arizona’s desert heat with the best in cold brew coffee. 

Coffee Up Cold at Sip 

Phoenix knows – and loves – its coffee. In an area where coffee is ubiquitous, finding the best cold brew to power up in the morning or anytime is essential to enjoying the best of the beans. Thrillist named Sip one of the best spots for cold brew coffee in Arizona, and for a good reason. 

Sip partnered with local coffee roastery Cartel to serve the boldest and best smooth cold brew coffee in Arizona at its locations in Phoenix and Scottsdale. Not only is it superior cold brew coffee, but it’s a uniquely Arizonan experience. 

best cold brew coffee az
Where is your coffee’s nutritional information?

Smooth Cold Brew 

Why is Sip cold brew coffee so good or dare we say the “best cold brew coffee az.” The best cold brew starts with the freshest and best quality coffee beans. Roasted by the coffee pros at Cartel, our beans are strong and smooth, providing a bold flavor that stands up to ice without weakening. Added to cold coffee drinks, Sip cold brew’s flavor doesn’t disappear. 

Brewed with an Aeropress or by Chemex, Sip brings out the best of the beans, resulting in a cold brew that’s always smooth and never bitter. 

Sip cold brew coffee is so good, you might want to enjoy it all by itself over ice. It’s also delicious in lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, cafe con leche – you name it. Sip even has a Kevlar iced coffee – its version of the Keto-friendly bulletproof coffee with MCT oil. 

Want something more potent? Sip mixes up cold brew-based cocktails that are perfect for an evening pick-me-up or nightcap. How about an iced Irish coffee? A black Russian? A martini flavored with rich, delicious cold brew coffee? 

However you choose to enjoy it, Sip cold brew coffee is the best in Arizona. One sip and you’ll agree! 

Location, Location, Location 

Just like the old real estate maxim, location is essential to your Arizona coffee experience. Sip Coffee and Beer House at 3617 N. Goldwater Road in Scottsdale, the first Sip location, and Sip Coffee and Beer Garage at 3620 E. Indian School Road in Phoenix’s Arcadia area are relaxing spots to sip your cold brew alone or with friends.  

Live music and even an open mic night are fun pluses to your cold brew experience. 

We think a relaxing community atmosphere makes the cold brew at Sip taste even better. Stop by and you’ll see what we mean. 

Top 8 Reasons Cold Brew Coffee at Sip is the Best 

There are plenty of reasons why Sip’s shops in Phoenix and Scottsdale are the best in the Valley to cool off with an ice-cold coffee, but here are the top eight.

  1. A delicious cold brew that’s the best in Arizona. Enjoy it solo on ice, with dairy or plant-based creamers, or in iced coffee drinks, including Horchata and Bananas Foster!
  1. Sip is an experience – not only does Sip serve up cold brew coffee, but there’s also live music and a community-centric feel. 
  1. Cheers! Ice-cold craft beer and cocktails are also on the menu, making Sip an excellent spot for a truly frigid happy hour iced coffee or a more potent potable.
  1. Hungry? Sip has menu items ranging from breakfast sandwiches, breakfast burritos with eggs, potatoes, cheese and bacon or chorizo, and avocado toast to snacks, sandwiches, and salads.  
  1. Like to start your day with a healthy smoothie? Sip can add its famous cold brew coffee to a smoothie, making it a delicious mocha sip for mornings or anytime. The Sip Coffee and Oat drink whips together oatmeal, cold brew, chocolate protein, peanut butter, banana, honey, and almond milk.
  1. Weekend brunches are the best! If you love a cocktail brunch as we do, join Sip for a cold brew-inspired cocktail or a brunch flight that includes nitro cold brew, beer, a mimosa, and a bloody Mary. Add an OG Breakfast Burrito or some delicious Avo Toast.
  1. Happy hour just got happier. You can order up Sip snacks, including quesadillas and hummus and veggies, and enjoy them with a delicious nitro cold brew to give you energy in the evening, as well as with a beer or cold brew cocktail. Try an espresso martini!
  1. Sip has local flavor. Sip isn’t a national chain you can visit anywhere. If you’ve been to one of those, you’ve seen them all. Sip is a uniquely Arizonan experience and has been locally owned since 2014. #SipportLocal 

Ice Cold 

To borrow a phrase from OutKast, what’s cooler than being cool? Ice cold. It’s true of coffee on a hot day in Arizona. Ice-cold cold brew coffee is an Arizona favorite, and nobody does it better than Sip. Cold caffeine and deliciousness can be ordered to go from Sip, or take a coffee break and cool off inside either of Sip’s locations in Phoenix or Scottsdale. 

Stop in for a healthy (or indulgent) breakfast and cold brew in the morning, or visit for a lunch of iced coffee and a salad or wrap. Sip snacks and beverages, including refreshing cold brew, can make for a great happy hour coffee klatch with friends.

Ice cold and delicious with just about anything or by itself, Arizonans, hipster or not, love cold brew coffee. It’s no wonder they do, since drinking cold brew coffee is a great way to power up and cool off from the Arizona sun.

Get a uniquely Arizona cold brew coffee experience by drinking local at Sip. One sip, and you’ll call it the best cold brew coffee in Arizona, too. 

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