Where’s the perfect Scottsdale brunch? Come to our House.

How Sip does Scottsdale brunch

Before you start reading, fair warning: This post is Scottsdale-centric. It’s not that we think more of you are interested in a Scottsdale brunch spot than, say, a place to have brunch in Arcadia — that’s in Phoenix, if you’re reading this from outside our wonderful Valley of the Sun. In fact, you can find some of the same items on the menus at both Sip Coffee and Beer House (if you want to brunch Scottsdale) and Sip Coffee and Beer Garage (to brunch Arcadia). But there are some differences. So maybe we’ll have to write about a Garage brunch in a future post.

For now, let’s start with …

What’s on the Scottsdale brunch menu?

We don’t mean this the way it sounds, but why don’t you look for yourself?

The reason we say that is, Sip is somewhere between one of those places that only lists their food items on a chalkboard that gets updated every few days or so, and one of those really fancy places that offers only three or four things that the waiter has to describe to you in excruciating detail while you sit there thinking you’re going to have to sell your car just to be able to order dessert.

That last one’s definitely not us.

And while our menu doesn’t change every day, it changes. Why? Because we’ve found out, since we started at this, people have their favorites. And people also want to try new things every once in a while. So if you were to look at our original menu from 2013, you’d find some differences from the menu today.

And we can’t tell you how long the menu will be the same as what you see on this site after reading this post. But we can say:

  • Everything that’s there is there because people like it.
  • You’ll find something there you like.

We put it this way on our homepage: “Our food menu was designed to fulfill the diverse demands of our communities. Whether it’s popular breakfast items, some healthy options or just some good comfort food, we have something for everyone.”

So, what can we recommend?

Let’s start with a few items that appear on both menus.

  • Overnight oats — There are slight differences, but in Scottsdale, you get gluten-free oats, almond milk, maple syrup, chia seeds, blueberries and toasted pecans. (The Garage in Arcadia swaps in cranberries.) Both places serve it cold.
  • Garage Breakfast Sandwich — This may be the one somebody tried to order at the House the first time, because it’s named after the Garage. (Except at the Garage it’s called a “sammie.” Maybe we were trying to avoid copyright infringement.) The only other difference is the kind of cheese: In the house you get American along with your scrambled eggs, bacon and spicy aioli on a brioche bun.
  • Breakfast Burrito — Another shared item, because this is Phoenix, and you just gotta. A flour tortilla cuddling scrambled eggs, shredded potatoes, cheddar, and your choice of chorizo or bacon. Salsa’s on the side, and you can add chicken sausage or avocado mash.
  • Avo Toast — This one’s pretty much the same between the House and the Garage: toasted sourdough, avocado mash, cherry tomatoes, pesto drizzle, pine nuts, fresh micro-greens. Also pretty much the same is the …
  • Bagel and Schmear — You don’t mess with the classics: Pick a plain, everything, jalapeño or seasonal bagel and schmear on your choice of cream cheese, butter or peanut butter. You’re gonna want to commit though — probably not a good idea to mix the three.

So why are you going to find these items whether you brunch Scottsdale or Arcadia? Well, to be honest, it may be that some people complained. Maybe somebody from Arcadia was out for a Scottsdale brunch and tried to order something off the Arcadia menu and … dissatisfaction ensued. We don’t remember. But we want to keep our community of customers happy.

What if I want the exclusively Sip Scottsdale brunch experience?

First, we ain’t exclusive of anybody. But yes, some items are at the House only. At least, until people go to the Garage and complain.

  • Turkey BLT — There are some things in common between this fave at both places: shaved turkey breast, bacon, mixed greens, tomato, mayo, and avocado mash on heartland grain bread. But in the House you can also choose gluten-free bread if you like, or get that north-and-south of the border experience by ordering it as a wrap: kind of a turkey burrito. Either way, it’ll come to you with kettle chips or, if you’re trying to do better than the rest of us, fruit.
  • Sip House Salad — Now this one is a Scottsdale Sip exclusive. How can you tell? It’s a House salad; like Coffee and Beer House. Of course, that sandwich we talked about was also once a Garage sandwich, so by the time you read this you may find the salad at both, too. Anyway: mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, sliced red onion, cucumber, cheddar jack cheese. Really tasty, whether or not you add avocado, bacon or turkey, and you know you will. You can make this a wrap, too.

There are other items you’ll be tempted to try; the protein shakes and smoothies (most of them shared with the Garage) are lots better for you than their decadent taste would lead you to believe. But if you’re really craving that signature Scottsdale brunch experience, where you’re really going to find your golden ticket is …

The drinks menu

All of our regular customers know that each time they visit, they’ll find lots of liquid choices to accompany the food. And they know they’ll all be delicious. They just don’t know whose name will be on the bottle or the tap, because this part of our offerings changes much more frequently than what we put on plates. Our cocktail masters are constantly coming up with irresistible new shaken/stirred/blended creations. And we’re proud to feature a rotation of the finest work of Arizona’s best craft brewers.

Of course, if you don’t want to get too relaxed early in the day, we have a full slate of outstanding coffees, coffee drinks and teas — hot and cold, international and domestic — including some innovations you won’t find anywhere else.

So that’s brunching Sip-style. Or at least one Sip; the Scottsdale brunch experience. But maybe you want to compare and contrast. You could try the House one week, and the Garage the next.
Even better, why not get together with some friends one morning for a two-stop Brunch Crawl? Arcadia’s not that far away.

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