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beer and a meal

Our Guide to Pairing Food and Beer for the Perfect Meal

Beer is a drink that’s best served cold, and it’s flexible enough to be enjoyed alone or with an accompanying appetizer or meal. Given its …

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Cocktail Menu

Our Guide to Decoding a Cocktail Menu Like an Expert

Cocktail menus are notoriously complicated; in fact, they’ve almost eclipsed wine lists in their tendency to confuse thirsty clients. These menus are often lengthy and …

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Drinking Beer

3 Surprising Benefits of Drinking Beer for Your Health

It’s easy to think that popping cold ones every Friday night will only lead to beer belly and a damaged liver, but the best beer …

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Cup of Joe

Why a Cup of Joe Is the Best Drink for Your Health

Coffee: For many years, no drink has revolutionized modern living, powered economies, fueled art, sparked romance, and formed lifelong careers as much as this bean-derived …

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cold brew

Cold Brew’s Brewing Method Makes It the Healthier Choice

Some people still get confused when they walk into a coffee shop and have to choose between an iced coffee or a cold brew. Although …

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beers in a line

4 Best Beer and Food Pairings to Try on Your Next Night Out

Most people go to a bar and order their favorite beer without a second thought. If food options are available, people generally order the same …

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