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How do items get picked for the Sip menu? That depends on you.

Compared to the Sip menu, “prix fixe” is like some foreign language

We’re gonna talk about the Sip menu. And to do that we’re gonna speak French, so hang on: Prix fixe — “pree feex” It means …

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Coffee carts: Personal refreshment service that comes to you!

Back to the future with coffee carts.

There was an enormous shift in the food and beverage industry in the last year. We’re talking about delivery. Delivery exploded this year because of …

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We asked Sip cafe staff what it means to sip. They surprised us!

Sip Tip #1: Do what it says on the sign

You’ve read here before about our name; about the Sip Coffee and Beer House, about the Garage; about the coffee and beer part, and the …

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What’s in a name? “Coffee and Beer,” for a start.

Our sign says “Coffee and Beer” from both directions

If you’ve blessed us with your presence on these pages before you’ve probably read about Buzz, our delightful and much-beloved younger employee who makes up …

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Use “coffee shops Scottsdale” in a sentence. Or not.

Use “coffee shops Scottsdale” in a sentence. Or not.

Have you noticed how much technology has changed the way we communicate? We’re not talking about using email or smartphones and text messages here. Technology …

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Where’s the perfect Scottsdale brunch? Come to our House.

How Sip does Scottsdale brunch

Before you start reading, fair warning: This post is Scottsdale-centric. It’s not that we think more of you are interested in a Scottsdale brunch spot …

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    3617 N. Goldwater Blvd.
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    3620 E. Indian School Rd.
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