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beers in a line

4 Best Beer and Food Pairings to Try on Your Next Night Out

Most people go to a bar and order their favorite beer without a second thought. If food options are available, people generally order the same …

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chai latte

Why You Should Have Chai Latte on Your Next Bruch Out

Looking for a new drink to try at your local coffee shop? Try chai latte! This is a creamy beverage made from traditional Indian tea, herbs, …

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Person drinking

3 Game Ideas for Your Upcoming Online Drinking Session

When it comes to cracking a few cold ones, lying back, and relaxing, you probably expect your drinking sessions to be accompanied by something else …

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SIP coffee & Beer

Play by Ear: 3 Reasons You Should Experience Open Mic Night to Unwind

College students, old souls, music lovers, and wistful tipplers alike looking to unwind from their fast-paced routine often find a space where they can let …

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beer being poured into a glass

Why Beer Is Good for You—7 Scientifically Proven Reasons

Most people find drinking beer a relaxing pastime, especially after a long workday. After all, who wouldn’t love a cold, refreshing brew running down their …

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woman working in a coffee shop

How Coffee Shops Boost Your Productivity

A coffee shop is a go-to place for a lot of people. Whether it is doing school homework or finishing an office task remotely, most …

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