Coffee carts: Personal refreshment service that comes to you!

Back to the future with coffee carts.

There was an enormous shift in the food and beverage industry in the last year.

We’re talking about delivery.

Delivery exploded this year because of the pandemic. For you, delivery meant you could still get some of the meals and snacks you love right on your own front porch, without venturing out into the virus-laden atmosphere. But for our business, delivery is the reason lots of restaurants were able to hang on through the pandemic or shutdown or zombie apocalypse or whatever you want to call something that huge.

Here’s something you may not realize, because we don’t talk about it as much as we probably should. In the coffee business, delivery goes way back; back to a time when it was really old-school to deliver coffee. Before apps and online ordering on sites on the interwebs. Back to when coffee delivery usually meant two words:
Coffee carts.

Now for a lot of you, the last time you saw and thought about a coffee cart might have been during an episode of “Mad Men.” Yes, office buildings used to have carts that would visit your desk or doorway (being pushed by a lower-level staff member, of course — this was before autonomous delivery vehicles and HR complaints), to offer you coffee in the classic blue and white and orange anthora: “WƩ ARƩ HAPPY TO SƩRVƩ YOU.”

Wait. That’s a different show. Sorry.

Where do you see coffee carts today?

The days of some junior staffer making periodic rounds, bringing coffee around to everybody are gone. (And really, how many of us were ever so important we couldn’t stop off at the machine ourselves anyway? Get over yourself, Mr./Ms. Executroid!) But it’s still pretty common to see coffee carts today, mostly at special events.

Conferences are where you’ll find them most often. Also after a wedding, coffee carts are handy when there’s not going to be a real reception or a trip to another venue. And at a big dinner where the host also wants people to mingle, an easy-to-locate cart will get them together before the big, boring speech or whatever, and also make things a bit easier on the servers who don’t need to keep refilling the cups.

What do events that use coffee carts have in common? Plumbing and power — the lack of either. And service — a shortage of.

A coffee cart service is ideal for a venue where there’s not a place for a drink station with drains, electricity, water supply, etc. And the good news is the technology for keeping coffee hot has come a long way since those madcap days of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. No need for an AC outlet with a cart. Want a server to help fill all those cups? You need only one, rather than forcing some hard-working folks to bounce from table to table and answer all the hopeful hands that go up whenever they walk by.
Central station, central service, sane servers — Coffee carts offer lots of advantages.

What do you get with Sip’s coffee carts?

Sip Coffee and Beer offers coffee cart service as part of our catering operation. You tell us where, your cart will be there.

But … you have some decisions to make first — as you can probably guess, if you’ve been to one of our cafe locations. We offer a lot of coffee choices. All of our blends come from the experts at Cartel Coffee Labs, even when we’re going out with coffee carts, so you’re assured that you can provide your guests something really special. Or “somethings,” because of course you don’t need to limit them to one blend. Lots of choices, and all up to you.

So you’re assured you’ll have great coffee. But the other thing we provide is strictly aesthetic. Our carts look like … well, they look like our cafes; like we wheeled a counter out of the Garage or the House and right to your event. Hosts and guests tell us it’s fun getting coffee when we show up at an event. They feel like they’re visiting a coffee bar without even leaving the event space. We like that. And we’re committed to giving them (and you) a good experience so we’ll see them (and you!) in the cafes soon after the event is over.

Need business coffee carts? Wedding coffee cart? Here’s what to do.

First thing you should do? We’ve been providing coffee carts for a long time. We know what we’re doing. So relax.

Actually, that’s the second thing. The first thing is to call our catering line — 602-300-9569 — and tell us what you’re looking and hoping for. Not sure? That’s OK. We’ll talk you through it. It really is a simple process.
And it gets great results — for you and your guests.

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