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Cold Brew Coffee Crash Course: Everything You Need To Know

Many coffee fanatics love the flavors and low acidity that cold brew coffee can give. Although you use the same coffee for traditional hot coffees, the way it’s prepared and its brewing method make cold brew coffee an instant stand out. 

But what is cold brew coffee? How is it different from all the other coffee drinks? How do you make cold brew coffee? If you find yourself asking these questions, stick around. We’ve made the ultimate cold brew coffee crash course that’ll give you everything you need to know about cold brew coffee. Grab yourself another cup of coffee, and let’s dive in!

What is cold brew coffee?

The number one thing that makes cold brew different from all the other types of coffee is its unique brewing method. The brewing method of cold brew coffee requires you steep coffee in cold water for 8-12 hours. This is quite an easy method; however, you should be very particular about how long you’re steeping your coffee.

With cold brew coffee, you use coarser coffee grounds compared to espresso and pour-over coffee, allowing you to extract flavors for long periods without compromising its taste. 

What attributes does cold brew coffee have?

  • Less acidic

Because of its brewing method, and since you’re using cold water to extract the coffee, the end product is a less acidic cup of joe. With cold brew coffee, you’re drinking about half the acidity of your standard hot-brewed coffee. 

Since you use cold water and place your coffee in cooler conditions as you brew, these factors prevent the release of acidic agents typically found in hot coffee. 

  • Different flavor experience

Temperature is one of the critical factors that alter the tasting notes of your coffee. When you brew hot coffee, you usually get delicate flavors and silky textures. But with cold brew coffee, you’ll experience a richer and juicier mouth-feel and texture and another layer of nuttiness and bolder fruity flavors.

  • Longer shelf life 

Black cold brew coffee can keep its flavors and be consumed up to 2 weeks, compared to hot-brewed coffee that becomes stale after a few hours.

By keeping your cold brew stash in an airtight container and keeping it in the fridge, you’ll be able to stretch its shelf life, allowing you to stock up on its coffee goodness. 

How do I adjust the concentration of my cold brew?

When you make a batch of cold brew, the typical ratio produces a concentrate that you need to dilute to get you the desired flavor strength you need. 

You can adjust the strength of your cold brew by adding small amounts of filtered water to taste. Another way to dilute your cold brew is by filling the glass with ice and pouring your cold brew in. As the ice melts, you dilute your cold brew’s concentration strength. 

How long should I keep my cold brew concentrate?

After brewing your cold brew coffee, you must immediately store your batch in the fridge to keep it from going bad quickly. Once you’ve made a batch, you have about 8-14 days before the flavor begins to disappear rapidly. 

Ideally, you want to consume all types of food products immediately and throw away goods that have been with you for 2 weeks. This is because you risk hazardous bacteria growth, which ultimately not safe for anyone. 


Now that you’ve completed your cold brew crash course, you can now head to your local coffee shop and order a bottle for yourself! Besides that, once you dip your toes into making your cold brew, you can share recipes and learn more tricks from your local baristas so you can share cold brew drinks!

Are you craving cold brew and want to visit a local coffee shop? Drop by SIP Coffee & Beer in Arizona. We provide a space for people to grab lunch, work, connect, and hold events. Visit us today!

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