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Cold Brew’s Brewing Method Makes It the Healthier Choice

Some people still get confused when they walk into a coffee shop and have to choose between an iced coffee or a cold brew. Although both coffee selections are cold, they are extremely different from one another.

Some of the differences between iced coffee and cold brew are their brew methods, recipes, and health benefits. That’s right; coffee has numerous health benefits, especially cold brew. This is because cold brew’s brewing method is different from that of traditional coffee, making it a healthier choice.

Are you wondering what health benefits cold brew has for you? This article will help you understand the basics of cold brew as well as its health benefits.

What makes cold brew different from iced coffee?

As mentioned earlier, iced coffee is entirely different from cold brew coffees. Iced coffee is traditionally brewed coffee from an espresso machine, made with a pour-over device, or other brewing methods that involve hot water. Once the coffee is extracted, it is then poured over ice. 

Cold brew coffee, on the other hand, follows the immersion method. This method means that your coffee is steeped in cold water for an extended period, usually from 8-12 hours. The time depends on the strength you want and the age of the coffee. Not only does this method give the cold brew its smooth and rich flavor, but this is also where its health benefits stem from.

What does the method do to make cold brew the healthier choice?

When you make cold brew, just like any coffee recipe, you follow a calculated water to coffee ratio. However, the biggest difference is the immersion period. 

Cold brew requires a long time to make, and the coffee is usually steeped with water in the device for over 10 hours. In this period, coffee is continually extracted from the grounds. This causes the coffee to have lower acidity measures compared to that of iced or hot brewed coffee. 

Aside from having a lower acidity level, cold brew coffee also has chemical compounds that are less complex. These chemical compounds, other acids, and high antioxidant levels found in traditionally brewed coffee give some people adverse body effects.

What happens in traditionally brewed coffee?

The reason cold brew is a healthier option is that it has 70% less acidity than traditionally brewed coffee. 

When you brew hot coffee, the coffee beans release more oils that carry acidic compounds. During this process, heat plays an important role in extracting these acids, making the chemical composition of brewed coffee more complex. These compounds and acids contribute to upset stomachs and numerous digestive problems. 


If you notice that your body can’t handle brewed coffee, but you need your caffeine, consider switching to cold brew coffee. When you drink cold brew coffee, you’re not only getting the coffee kick you need, but you’re also reducing the amount of acid you’re consuming. This is why cold brew coffee is the healthier choice and the best way to enjoy a cup of joe daily. Not to mention, you’re getting more caffeine compared to a traditional brew. You’ll be hopped on coffee and feel great the whole day!

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