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Finding Your Cocktail Soulmate: 3 Staple Drinks to Try

When you go to a bar, the first instinct you have once you see the bartender and get settled down is asking about their house specialty or bestseller. 

For many years, modern humans and bar hoppers have followed this same routine every time they visit a new bar, exchange niceties, and acquaint themselves with an unfamiliar menu. You might not realize it now, but you’ve probably grown a “reflex” that involves asking for “what’s your recommendation” every time you go out to drink.

While it may be great and undoubtedly recommended to ask a bar’s employees about what drinks get ordered the most, there’s just one problem with this: You’re not always going to get a beverage that you like.

The burden of bestsellers 

As much as bestsellers are indicative of a bartender or establishment’s capabilities, they’re not always a “one-taste-pleases-all” type of situation because no drink is going to satisfy all tastebuds. 

While bartender recommendations are based on something that people order the most, the truth is that not every drink will be a hit for you – some will have you wanting to order more, while others will have you in some regret. However, it’s worth noting that each bar has a few staples that you can expect to roll on your tongue right because they’ll taste the same and are readily available every time you go out.

This is where the idea of finally choosing a favorite drink according to your taste-related preferences comes into the picture!

A guide to the best drinks to order at a bar (according to your taste)

The world of mixing drinks is one that never seems to stop growing because of all the combinations that are unlocked or discovered as time passes by. However, there are specific winning and time-honed recipes that remain at the top for their respective general taste profiles, making it easier to pick out a drink you can enjoy!

If you haven’t picked “the one” just yet or need to know about which option best suits your needs, fret not because we’ve prepared a guide to some of the most common drinks:

1. Aged and husky: The Old-Fashioned

As an undeniable hit among mature drinkers who are a long way away from their years of keg stands and cooler drinks, the Old Fashioned bears a balance that’s a perfect match if you’re into stronger, classier flavors. Made with the trademark mix of whiskey, sugar, bitters, and an orange (or zesty) twist, this hallmark cocktail packs a smooth balance of strength, bitterness, and sweetness – the perfect mix for a high-roller with maturity!

2. Sweet and spicy: The Penicillin

For anyone who loves to drink scotch, it’s no secret that this type of bourbon bears a strong kind of smokiness that can only be made better with a bartender who can whip up a Penicillin. When you drink this mix of blended scotch, ginger, honey syrup, and lemon juice, you’ll have the perfect prescription for a stressful week or a momentous occasion that’ll quickly flush you out for a good time.

Feel free to ask SIP Coffee and Beer’s resident bartenders for a Penicillin to see what kind of twist we’ve incorporated in the drink.

3. Sultry, sweet, and creamy: The Brandy Alexander

Although its reputation is heavily built on being a dessert cocktail, the Brandy Alexander is a fine cocktail for anyone who wants to drink for taste while getting a good buzz along the way. With its velvety texture and blend of brandy, cream, nutmeg, and créme de cacao, this drink will have you wrapped up in a warm embrace with a dreamy aftertaste. 


Although it may be a great idea to ask the bartender about what drink they recommend, it’s even better to know which drinks will best suit your preferences. With this guide’s help, you can get your foot in the door towards finding the perfect drink that you can easily ask for no matter wherever in the world you go! 

We’re a local coffee shop in Scottsdale and Phoenix that’s also a tap house, cocktail bar, and restaurant where all people can dine and enjoy with their friends and family. If you’re looking to enjoy a drink or start regaining a sense of self and community with your friends and other locals in the area, visit us today!

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