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How Coffee Shops Boost Your Productivity

A coffee shop is a go-to place for a lot of people. Whether it is doing school homework or finishing an office task remotely, most people prefer to visit a coffee shop and complete their work there. It is not only because coffee shops have that addictive welcoming smell nor have great tasting coffees. They are a favorite place because they help improve people’s productivity.

If you’re wondering how coffee shops make people work better, here are the top three reasons: 

Coffee shops stimulate people’s creativity

The worst enemy of creativity and productivity is routine. Sometimes getting used to the environment you work in can slow you down. Going to a new environment different from your office space or your bedroom gives you that boost. Suddenly, you feel inspired and stimulated to perform your tasks. 

Moreover, coffee shops give off that different ambiance. An average coffee shop has around 70 decibels of ambient noise, which can elicit productivity the most. Other places with fewer noise decibels can be too quiet while those with more are too loud for a person to perform better at work. 

Coffee shops are less distracting

Constant distractions can affect one’s productivity. In an office setting, your officemates are always within reach, so when they need something from you, it’s easy for them to contact you and interrupt. Tasks would pile up each time. Although you’re good at multitasking, you need around 25 minutes to recover and concentrate every time you try to switch from one task to another. That’s almost half an hour, and you could’ve finished a lot more responsibilities in that period. 

In coffee shops, you’ll have no colleagues to interrupt your work, and you have the choice of when to entertain their call. Also, surrounding yourself with other people who are concentrating on their work can help boost your productivity. 

Going to coffee shops help you set a specific, attainable goal

When you go to a coffee shop, you have one goal: finish your project or task. Staying in a coffee shop can help you focus on that sole purpose and lets you end on time. The more you feel that you are in the zone, in a room with the perfect ambiance, and surrounded by the right people, the more productive you get.

Some Reminders When Working at a Coffee Shop

A coffee shop can help you become more productive; however, this does not mean that you should run off to the nearest coffee shop and start working there. Every coffee shop is different, so you need to find the right one to give you your ideal setup. Here are some reminders you need to keep in mind:

  • Your chosen coffee shop should be comfortable and workers-friendly. Don’t be afraid to scout and try several shops until you find the best shops for you.
  • You don’t always have to work in a coffee shop to be productive. The objective of going out is to break old routines. Working in a coffee shop several times a month can make it a habit too.
  • Set an intention before visiting a coffee shop.
  • Remember the basic etiquette: Stay quiet, buy something, and share your table.


Going to a coffee shop can boost much-needed productivity if you want to finish more tasks or schoolwork. They give off that relaxing vibe that enables you to concentrate and accomplish more jobs than you can in a familiar place. If you occasionally drop by a coffee shop to catch up on some work, consider having several go-to cafes to break the routine. 

If reading this made you crave for iced coffee, and you’re from Phoenix or Scottsdale, Arizona, we have branches of our local coffee shop in these locations. You are always welcome to try our excellent food and liquor. Visit us today! 

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