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Does a Phoenix coffee shop sell coffee year-round?

If you live in metropolitan Phoenix, you’ve heard of snowbirds. You’ve seen a bunch of them, too.

We’re not talking about the adorable little feathered guys like the Tufted Titmouse. We mean the other kind, the “people who travel to warmer climes in the winter,” says Merriam-Webster. These are the folks who find one of our Sip locations with a quick search for “Phoenix coffee shop.” Snowbird Type B is just as migratory as Snowbird Type A, but the Type A’s don’t double Phoenix’s highway traffic a few months out of the year.

Not that we’re complaining. Not a bit. To us, a migratory customer is … just a customer. And all that extra traffic is fine if it’s filled with people headed our way.
But sometimes the cultural differences between a snowbird and a Phoenician can be interesting. For example, you’d be surprised how many times snowbirds will ask during their visit to Sip, “Do people around here drink coffee all year long?” And we always reply, “[several moments of blank stare].”

We should be better prepared for that, probably, because their question kind of makes sense. They’ve heard about our long strings of days with triple-digit-plus temperatures. Of course, they’re in town when the temps are at a frigid 50 degrees or so, when a cuppa java is just the thing to smooth your goosebumps. But what about the three summer months, when your weather app is wishing it had moved on with those snowbirds? (Also, if we’re honest, the late spring and early fall months, too.) “Do you,” the out-of-towners inquire, “serve coffee then, too?”

Well, yeah. Lots of it. ’Cause that’s what Phoenicians want. Also ’cause we serve some of it cold. And the rep we’ve gotten for doing that since 2014 is why asking Siri or Alexa or Google or that really smart coworker whose opinion you’ve always respected to recommend a “Phoenix Arizona coffee shop” is likely going to point you our way.
But you don’t have to wait till you’re jonesing for a coffee to find us. Because you know what else is good all year long? Just every other single thing on our menu, that’s what!

We’re more complicated than that!

OK, sorry if we sounded a little touchy back there. It’s not anything you said. It’s just that the InterWebs always want to put things in categories. And the category Sip usually gets put in is, “Phoenix Coffee shops.” Really, do we have to have a category? Must we all be in boxes? Can’t we all just … be?!

Whatevs. We’re just glad when people find us, no matter what they’re looking for. But you — you obviously care enough to dig a little deeper than a quick Google search. So we’ll let you in on a secret:

Not all of those awards we won were for our coffee.

In fact, most of them aren’t. Our very first, in 2015 — the year after we opened Sip Coffee and Beer House in Old Town Scottsdale — was from Zagat, for “Hottest Restaurants.” That same year Newsweek named us one of the “Top 10 Places to See During the Super Bowl,” Thrillist called us one of the “Best Bars in Scottsdale,” and Phoenix magazine named us a “Break-Out Star.”

See the pattern? It wasn’t until 2016 that we started winning awards with “coffee” in their names.

So for you, who look deeper into your search results than just the map; for you, whom we proudly name a Friend of Sip, here are …

Sip is your Phoenix, Arizona coffee shop!

10 menu items at our “Phoenix Arizona coffee shop” that don’t have anything to do with coffee

(All items are current as of posting this, but if you come in and can’t find it, that’s because it’s been replaced with something even better.)

  1. Garage Breakfast Sammie — Gonna start with this one because even though it says Garage (our Arcadia location), they’ll also make you one at the House (Scottsdale): scrambled eggs, bacon, white cheese, spicy aioli on brioche bun. Slap on avocado, sausage or chicken if you wanna. This is how your day should always start. Unless it’s with a …
  2. Breakfast Burrito (both, with variations) — Fresh every morning, not behind glass in a cooler by the register: scrambled eggs, potatoes, white cheddar and your choice of chorizo, bacon or green chilies, all rolled up in a tortilla like you were in the blankets before you pushed ’em off to come get this beauty.
  3. Grilled Cheese Sandwich (both) — Breakfast was great, but morning at work was tough, and you’re ready for a comfort-food lunch. Know what’s comforting? Havarti and smoked cheddar on buttered and grilled sourdough. Like a warm, toasty pat on the back. Add your choice of avocado, bacon or chicken. Goes great with …
  4. Salads (Garage) — We have three. All are stellar. Any can be a wrap. All dressings ours.
  5. Roast Beef Sandwich (Garage) — Need a little extra comfort from your comfort food? Shaved beef, veggies and our house dijonnaise between slices of heartland grain nestled comfortably among kettle chips (or fruit, if that’s more comforting).
  6. Chicken Bacon Ranch Panini (House) — We slice a ciabatta roll in halves and wedge them apart with grilled chicken, bacon and cheddar cheese. Then we add ranch. Then you open wide.
  7. Beer — Oh, yeah! That’s in our name, too! Way too many choices to list here.
  8. Cocktails — Not in our name, but not usually found in a “Phoenix coffee shop,” either. Also too many to name, but they win awards.
  9. Wine —  OK, you get the idea. And finally …
  10. Other — We’re gonna cheat here: Depending on whether you’re in the House or the Garage, you might choose from multiple snack options, various lighter fare, protein shakes for when you’re training or telling people you are, a huge selection of teas, and even …

Coffee. After all, we are a Phoenix, Arizona coffee shop.

Or so they say.

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