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Play by Ear: 3 Reasons You Should Experience Open Mic Night to Unwind

College students, old souls, music lovers, and wistful tipplers alike looking to unwind from their fast-paced routine often find a space where they can let loose. Bars and cafes offer an oasis where people can have a taste of everything – from craft beer, good coffee, great conversations, and head-bobbing music that completes the hearty experience. 

Open Mic Nights are one of the most classic events that invite any brave soul to perform on stage – be it slam poetry to the first release of a bedroom musician’s tracks. Offering discerning tastes and the sweetest spot to share art with the community, the list below explores why attending an Open Mic Night is good for the soul. 

Benefit #1: Watch A Show While Enjoying Refreshing Drinks And Good Food 

For hungry creatives craving to indulge in your favorite comfort food, dining during an Open Mic Night event at your local coffee and beer house offers a taste of something better. 

While you take a bite out of your go-to BLT and sip from your craft beer, take a cold swing on Open Mic Nights where you can get the best of both worlds while basking in an inspiring environment.

After working hard for the better part of the week, sometimes a beer, finger food, and fresh new tunes from your local musicians in town are the perfect start to your long-awaited weekend. 

Benefit #2: Relax And Enjoy The Show With Like-Minded Creatives

Whether you’re an up-and-coming musician branching out of your home studio or a frustrated singer looking to belt out some tunes on the karaoke machine, Open Mic Nights offer an event that unites the creative energy of your community. 

You have the choice to stand in front of a supportive crowd or sit back, relax, and watch the show with other artists and enthusiasts in the background. Either way, Open Mic Nights allows people to come together and express themselves with a beer on hand and delicious food on the other. 

Benefit #3: Offers A Valuable Experience And A Night To Remember

It’s tempting to head straight home on Friday after a long week of work, but spending the afterhours on your PJ’s, binging on Netflix can happen any time of the week. Attending a live event at your local bar’s Open Mic Night, on the other hand, is a rare opportunity for you to let go of your inhibitions, replenish your creativity, and feel alive in a highly social setting. 

The Bottom Line: Open Mic Nights Offer A Feast For All The Senses 

Wherever you are in this world, there’s no doubt that people from all walks of life share a love for good coffee, cold beers, amazing company, and even better tunes in the background to tie it all together. 

Fall Into the Rabbit Hole That Is Sip Coffee & Beer House  

For those looking to celebrate your late-night adventure at bar strips, Sip Coffee & Beer House offers one of the most versatile spaces in Phoenix, Arizona. It’s a conundrum of many things, offering a gastronomic experience with our freshly-brewed coffee to pick you up in the morning, turned restaurant, tap house, and cocktail bar come sundown. 

It’s a safe haven that offers a feast for all the senses for friends, family, wistful tipplers, and hungry artists to gather. 

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