Arizona-based coffee

Putting Arizona-based coffee on the map

If you don’t live in Arizona, or you’re not from here, you probably haven’t heard of “The Five C’s.” If you are from Arizona, you’ll always be grateful for them.

Let’s face it: When you’re the state that drew “48” from the “Take number for statehood” dispenser, you’re going to have some catching up to do. Fortunately for those of us in Arizona, we had those C’s:

  • Copper — Sure, some people found gold here. (And lost it again, if you believe those stories about the Lost Dutchman.) But since the 1880s, 30 years before statehood, copper has been a real gold mine.
  • Cattle — Lots of cows need lots of room. We have lots of both.
  • Cotton — Some of the highest-quality bolls in the world (Pima long-staple, to be exact) have been grown here since 1900.
  • Citrus — Yes, we have to irrigate them like crazy. But one thing oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruit don’t have to fear here is freezing. That’s because our …
  • Climate — provides an average of 300 sunny days every year.

What big C is not on the list? Arizona-based coffee. And it probably won’t be, unless Sip Coffee & Brew in Phoenix has their way about it.

What Arizona-based coffee can’t be …

The fact is, Arizona will never be a top coffee source. And the reason is right there under step 1 of the National Coffee Association’s “10 Steps from Seed to Cup.” It reads, “Planting often takes place during the wet season ….” We’ll just stop right there and direct you back to those 300 days of sunshine. And the other 65 bring us only about eight inches of rain. Total. For the year. No “wet season” for us.

So while we may have copper, cattle, cotton, etc. enough to share with the world, when it comes to coffee, we’ll always be a net importing state.

… and what Arizona-based coffee can be

If you’ve gotta have coffee, and you know you’re gonna have to import it to feed that jones, you should probably make every cup special. So the minds behind Sip looked at all those other coffee shops — the ones that didn’t get their start anywhere near Arizona — and realized something that all of them didn’t about what would make the best cup of Arizona-based coffee. And it’s this:

It’s not just about the coffee.

Now don’t take that the wrong way. Sip has great coffee. They get their beans from the acclaimed local roaster, Cartel, and then they brew your cup just about any way you like it: drip, cold brew, nitro, espresso, latte, Americano, cappucino, cortado, Cubano, and Chemex. So when your cup comes to you, just the way you like it, you can take it and … sit down and enjoy it. Right there.

See, the difference between Sips and those other places that are just meant to be coffee pit stops along your route to wherever you think you need to be is, you want to stay at Sips. Because it’s not just about the coffee. It’s also about a menu of light-meal treats that don’t come to you shrink-wrapped out of a cooler in the front. And it’s about a list of craft brews and custom-designed cocktails when the coffee just isn’t doing it for you that day.

That difference has been getting Sips noticed since they opened in 2014. Noticed by:

  • Zagat — Hottest Restaurants in Scottsdale, 2015
  • Newsweek — Top 10 Places to See during Super Bowl, 2015
  • Thrillest — Best Bars in Scottsale, 2015
  • Phoenix magazine — Breakout Star, 2015
  • Thrillest — Best Coffee Shops in Phoenix, 2016
  • Big 7 Travel — The 7 Best Places For Coffee In Phoenix, 2020

What Sips knows is that one of the best things about coffee can be the other people around you while you’re sipping; people who agree with you that what makes great Arizona-based

coffee is that you’re not rushing in to get it and rushing right back out into one of those 300 sunny days.

So when you think about it, even if Sips Coffee & Brew hasn’t gotten coffee on the list as Arizona’s sixth C, they have added two more: Calm and Community.

Because it’s not just about the coffee.
(It is really good coffee, though!)

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