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Why a Cup of Joe Is the Best Drink for Your Health

Coffee: For many years, no drink has revolutionized modern living, powered economies, fueled art, sparked romance, and formed lifelong careers as much as this bean-derived drink. 

Whether you call it coffee, brew, black gold, or life juice, this drink has an important place in your life that’s far larger than you’ve ever expected. With more than two billion cups of this magical drink consumed around the world every day, it’s clear that a cup of Joe is more significant than many of us think of it to be. 

Seeing that there are many different ways to create a cup, there is no cup of coffee that isn’t perfect for you because of how it can be tailored to enhance any drinking experience. Beyond its near-perfectness and essentialness in any morning routine, however, there’s one crucial part of this drink that makes it so special: The various health benefits that it provides.

How a cup (or three) a day can work wonders for your health

Aside from being the fuel that runs any body’s engine and providing the most stellar way to start the day, another detail that makes coffee so special is that it’s not only good for the mind and soul but the body as well. As opposed to the other “health drinks” that are merely packed with problems, your favorite cup of black, brown, or cream can also help you live a healthier life. 

Are you looking for even more reasons to drink more coffee throughout the day? Check out this list of different astounding health benefits that you can get out of your daily brew: 

Benefit #1: It is the perfect drink for bringing out your brain power

Thanks to the healthy amount of caffeine that it provides the human body with, coffee makes for the perfect drink to have during your work grinds, brainstorms, and study sessions.

The caffeine found in coffee is a supplement that helps block adenosine’s function and makes sure that the level of activity taking place in your brain is high enough for a boost. What this essentially means is that having a cup of coffee at Sip Coffee & Beer, for instance, is going to do your health much good when it comes to all kinds of different brain functions!

Benefit #2: It can significantly bump your metabolism up

One of the most interesting health benefits of coffee that should never go unnoticed is that it has been linked to boosting the body’s weight loss function.

When you drink at least three cups of coffee a day, your body essentially gets the metabolic boost it needs to increase the number of calories that it consumes so that you can start losing weight. If you’re on the way to the gym or extra conscious about your weight at a particular time, then there’s no metabolism-related concern that a few cups with us cannot fix!


Although coffee is already a predominantly-present fixture in the lives of many that undoubtedly can’t be replaced by any other drink, the truth is that most people have only begun to scratch the surface of its benefits. Whether you want to live longer, think better, and work smarter and harder, or lose even more excess pounds without much difficulty, a cup of coffee will always be the way to go!

We’re a local coffee shop in Phoenix, AZ, that’s also a tap house, cocktail bar, and restaurant where all people can dine and enjoy with their friends and family. If you’re looking to enjoy a drink or start regaining a sense of self and community with your friends and other locals in the area, visit us today!

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