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Why Beer Is Good for You—7 Scientifically Proven Reasons

Most people find drinking beer a relaxing pastime, especially after a long workday. After all, who wouldn’t love a cold, refreshing brew running down their throat after an exhausting day? 

However, no matter how refreshing it can be, beer drinking is still considered an unhealthy habit for most people. Public opinion blames it as the cause of weight gain and alcoholic problems. 

While its highly unhealthy drawbacks are very real, drinking it in moderation is actually beneficial for your health—in fact, it’s backed by scientific evidence! To prove this point, here are seven scientifically proven reasons why beer is great for your health.

7 Proven Health Benefits of Moderate Beer Consumption

High source of nutrients

There’s more to the metaphor, “beer is liquid bread.” Apart from calories, you can actually get more nutrients from a bottle of beer. Experts even view it more as a food item than a beverage, mainly because this liquid holds some really good nutrients inside it. 

In one study, researchers compared beer to wine, and they’ve learned that beer contains more B vitamins and protein than the latter. Both have the same amount when it comes to antioxidants, but the properties are different because of the variety of ingredients! 

The University of California, Davis professor Charlie Barnforth also claimed that beer has fiber content and is more abundant in phosphorus, folate, and niacin than wine does. In one of his preliminary studies, he also saw the potential of beers having prebiotics, which are great for your gut.         

Reduce inflammation                                                                                                                  

Hop is a vital ingredient found in beers, and it is rich in anti-inflammatory properties. Researchers studied and compared the anti-inflammatory effects of the different hops, and they found that the hops consumed in beer can inhibit inflammation better.

Helps lower risk of diabetes

According to the results of a Danish Health Examination Survey (DANHES), people who drink beer around three to four times a week have less possibility of developing diabetes than those people who never drink at all. The study then compared men who loved drinking beer—having around one to six beers a week—to those who didn’t. The men who drank beer had a 21 percent lower chance of getting diabetes.

Healthier heart

When it comes to alcoholic beverages that are good for the heart, wine would be on top of most people’s minds. A preliminary study presented at the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions in 2016 proved that moderate beer drinkers had the slowest decline in high-density lipoprotein levels (HDL), which is also known as “good cholesterol.” Therefore, they also have a lower risk of having cardiovascular diseases. The study followed 80,000 participants for six years, and although it was particularly conducted in China, previous similar studies suggest that other populations would also experience the same effect.  

Builds stronger bones

Moderate consumption of beer can also help improve your bone density. A study published by the International Journal of Endocrinology found that beer can help strengthen men’s bones. 

It’s because of the presence of silicon—which is an essential mineral for bone development. Beer has high silicon content because of the processing of barley and hops, while meat, dairy products, and refined flours have less. However, take note that beer is only suitable for bone strengthening and not in bone-building!

Helps boost brain power

Loyola University Chicago released a study claiming that moderate beer drinkers are 23 percent less likely to develop dementia and Alzheimer’s than non-beer drinkers. One explanation is due to its silicon ingredients, which are proven to protect the brain from eventually getting a cognitive decline. Another reason is how beer has a good cholesterol level, which can help improve the blood flow towards the brain.

Longer life

A psychologist from the University of Texas found out from a study that people who moderately drink beer live longer than those who never drink. This study suggests that beer, in a healthy amount, can add years to your life because it helps lower your risk of diabetes, strengthen your heart, and positively impact your cholesterol level.


As proven by science, drinking a pint of beer a day could give you the mentioned health benefits. However, like anything else, always know when it’s enough! Don’t use this as an excuse to go full-drinking the entire week. Remember that beer only remains healthy when consumed in moderation—so don’t overdo it!

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