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Why You Should Get Coffee Carts for Your Event

Everyone loves a good cup of coffee, regardless if it is hot or cold. It is perfect for pairing with your breakfast, noon rush hours, and even act as a late-night beverage when you just want to relax.

One great thing about coffee is it serves as a great company during conversations with friends and loved ones. With that said, why not bring this energy booster closer to the people you care about?

Today, coffee carts are becoming more in-demand for various events. It is very convenient, and it serves as an excellent conversation-starter between your guests.

Where can you have a coffee cart?

As mentioned, a cup of coffee encourages conversation between your event guests. If you wantyour guests to build friendships during your event, you should have a coffee cart that they can enjoy.

Aside from that, these carts also help spice up your event and make sure that guests are not leftidled and isolated in their seats. It keeps your guests moving and talking around the place as they wait for the program to begin or savor their break-out session snacks.

If you are planning to host any gathering in the following months, below is a list of events where you can have a coffee cart as well as a guide on booking one:

1. Conferences – whether it is a business or academic conference, a cup of coffee will keep your guests awake and alert throughout the event. Surely, your delegates will love to talk about their papers with their colleagues over a cold brew coffee.

2. Gala dinners – brewed drinks served in a delicate and intricately-designed cup often project luxury and sophistication. Coffee can make your event feel more intimate and inviting, especiallyfor this event where guests are expected to socialize with one another.

3. Weddings – you may think that this boost is inappropriate for a wedding but not if your wedding reception happens in the early morning. A hot brewed drink will effectively keep your wedding guests awake until the end of the event. If you are having your wedding at night, iced coffee will entice your guests as well.

4. Public events – if you are hosting an outdoor concert, promotional event, or product launch, having this cart will attract crowds to your event. A great cup of specialty coffee will keep your guests occupied while you are busy handling the event. When attendees enjoyed a high-quality drink, there would be a higher chance that they will remember your brand, which increases your brand awareness.

What should you consider when getting a coffee cart?

If you are thinking of getting a coffee cart in one of your upcoming events, you must first work with a company that meets your requirements. To make sure that their coffee cart business is ideal for your event, here are five essential aspects you should consider:

  • Event duration – how many hours can they serve at your event?
  • The number of servings – can they serve coffee to the number of guests that you have?
  • Menu – how many varieties and what type will they serve?
  • Location – can they serve to your desired location? Will you carry their transport fee?
  • Coffee barista – will they send out some of their baristas to handle the coffee cart?


Whether you are hosting a private or public event, having a coffee cart will surely spice it up. Your guests will love roaming around the place with a cup on their hand as they mingle with the other guests in your event. Whether it is cold or hot, this boosted drink is a good company in any event.

If you are looking for a local coffee shop in Scottsdale, AZ, that offers coffee cart services and catering, we have your back. We have a variety of specialty coffee that will surely keep your guests energized throughout the event!

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