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3 Surprising Benefits of Drinking Beer for Your Health

It’s easy to think that popping cold ones every Friday night will only lead to beer belly and a damaged liver, but the best beer houses in town often serve brews that are beneficial to your health in more ways than one. So long as you drink beer in moderation, the liquid gold can boost your well-being beyond loosening your inhibitions. 

Compared to other alcoholic drinks, beer is rich with a blend of unique antioxidants and essential nutrients such as iron, calcium, phosphates, protein, vitamin B, and other minerals. Seeing as it’s packed with health-boosting elements, drinking no more than one to two 12-ounce glasses of beer a day can enhance your cognitive function. 

Exploring Different Ways Beer Can Improve Your Health

With that in mind, the list below should give a rundown on how toasting to cold brews in moderation can provide nutritional benefits and improve your health: 

Benefit #1: Beer Can Strengthen Your Bones

Milk has always been the go-to source of calcium, but science says you can also find it in beer thanks to key ingredients such as malted barley or hops. For those craving for adult drinks before hitting the hay, one glass of beer a night can provide the calcium and silicon you need to bolster your bone health. 

Benefit #2: Beer Is Good For The Heart 

There’s no doubt that bar-hopping and drinking until you blackout can have detrimental effects, moderate amounts of beer can do wonders for your heart by decreasing your risks of heart disease by a whopping 25 percent. 

A beer like dark ale or stout is packed with polyphenols, which is a substance that can effectively fight off heart attacks and stroke since it can reduce inflammation, which mitigates clogs and blockages along the coronary arteries. 

Benefit #3: Beer Can Reduce Cholesterol

The barley used in creating beer is rich with a soluble fiber called beta-glucans, which is a helpful substance that can effectively drop your cholesterol levels. It works by flushing the “bad” type of cholesterol flowing in your veins, allowing you to boost the good cholesterol count by four percent.

Drinking beer may be far from your mind when managing cholesterol, but it’s an unorthodox and delicious method you should try. 

The Bottom Line: End Your Week At A High And Healthy Note By Cracking A Cold One At The Beer House

Wistful tipplers who are craving to indulge in a delicious brew would undoubtedly take a cold swing on the fact that beer is actually good for you in plenty of ways. The list above explores how a nightly glass of beer can boost your health, giving you more reasons to visit your next hole-in-the-wall beer house. 

Why Choose Us?

For those looking for a warm, relaxing, and inspiring place to drink coffee or beer, Sip Coffee & Beer House offers one of the most versatile spaces in Phoenix, Arizona. It’s a conundrum of many things, offering a gastronomic experience with our freshly-brewed coffee to pick you up in the morning, turned restaurant, tap house, and cocktail bar come sundown. 

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