What’s in a name? “Coffee and Beer,” for a start.

Our sign says “Coffee and Beer” from both directions

If you’ve blessed us with your presence on these pages before you’ve probably read about Buzz, our delightful and much-beloved younger employee who makes up for their lack of worldly experience and … let’s say insight, with enthusiasm. And caffeine.

Buzz reported for work in our Sip Coffee and Beer Garage location in Arcadia a couple of weeks ago all excited because they had found a new restaurant.

Not all of the crew on duty in the Garage that day was as excited about the discovery as Buzz was, primarily because this “new” place is just a half mile down the street from them and has been for, well, a long time. So maybe what Buzz actually discovered was that they could approach the Garage from the other direction too!

Whatever the reason, Buzz breathlessly announced, “It’s called Cold Beers and Cheeseburgers!” and followed it with, “I wonder what they serve?”

Lord love ’em.

We support simple labeling: beer and coffee

This is not a knock on our neighbors down the street. Like most of our business friends in Arcadia, they’re good company. And anyway, we’re both kind of in that same obvious name club.

When you think about it, it’s a pretty good way to do business: Tell the people what to expect. Some places have been around long enough that everybody knows what they’ll find inside, even if there’s nothing about it on the golden-arched sign. Others, maybe not.

We know of a restaurant chain in Texas. There are two of them, both called “The Magic Time Machine.” They’re a lot of fun. They’re popular with kids and families because the servers dress in fantasy costumes and take your order and serve your food in character. And that food is … Well, it’s not magic or time, or magic time, so you have to look at their menu because that name doesn’t tell you a thing.

And that’s not a knock on Magic Time Machine. They can name their place whatever they want. We’re just glad we don’t have to wear costumes. (“Hey, kids … Here comes Mister Sip!”)

Nope. Not gonna.

When we named Sip we decided simple is better — verb, two nouns, location noun:

  • Sip Coffee and Beer House
  • Sip Coffee and Beer Garage

OK, you smartie, you — you have a point: Our name doesn’t say anything about our food either. So if you want something besides beer and coffee, take a look at the menu elsewhere on this site. You’ll be glad you did.

Still, just those two words say a lot

But if all you’re really interested in is coffee and/or beer, here’s a couple of footnotes to what’s on our sign that you may find helpful.


We have all the kinds of coffee-brewing methods, coffee drinks and blends, and pretty much coffee anything you would expect from a coffee shop. We also have some you wouldn’t expect that are really worth coming in to try. (All of those things are also true of our tea offerings.)

But just as important as our selection is our source. If you’re from the Phoenix or Tucson areas you’re already familiar with the roasting wizardry of Cartel Coffee Lab. That’s where our many varieties of beans come from.

And if you’re not familiar with Cartel’s magic, you gotta get here and get that way. 


We could list a bunch of craft brews here, but by the time you make it in to try them the list might have changed, and we don’t want you to be disappointed.

The fact is that our beer roster is a place where we get to showcase the wares of the best artisan brewers in Arizona. We take that responsibility seriously, so we rotate selections in and out.
For us, that means a lot more time for logistics and listing. For you, it means constant opportunities to try something new and/or different and always very good. So here, a little mystery is a good thing.

We start with “Beer and Coffee”

Our point is, naming a restaurant / coffee shop / time machine is hard. Maybe the golden archy people have it right: Pick a name that doesn’t tell customers everything, then establish your brand around it.

And that’s pretty much what we’ve been doing since 2014. What our customers have learned over the years, and why we see so many of them over and over, is this:
It may be the beer and coffee you come in for the first time, but you’ll keep coming back for much more.

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