coffee shops near me with wifi

We worry when people search “coffee shops near me with WiFi”

Did you search “coffee shops near me with WiFi?”

We are, all of us, all about the multitasking. Maybe that’s why so many of our new customers find us by searching for “coffee shops near me with WiFi.”

There was a time when the first thing somebody added to their coffee was cream or sugar; maybe a little cinnamon. Now for a lot of us, those things are likely to come after a log-on. And as often as not, somebody’s order at the counter is followed by “What’s your password?” (BTW, it’s posted. But we’re always happy to tell you if you ask. Or at least point at it.)

At Sip, we don’t alway know why someone plucks us out of the search results for something like “coffee shop with WiFi near me.” Maybe it’s the ratings we get and the reviews and the quirky vibe from our photos. We don’t care. We’re just glad they came in, and we’ll do our best to make sure they want to do that again.

But it’s interesting to us that people in their multitasky way search for:

  1. Coffee
  2. WiFi

Or, to be more Googlish about it, “coffee AND WiFi.”

Because there was a time when people wouldn’t have dreamed about combining those two.

Large-screen coffee shops

OK, you’re right. We’re talking about a time when only one of those was available. (Hint: The first one.) That was a time, and we know it’s hard for some of you to remember — impossible for others — that people actually came into coffee shops to unplug. To dial back the contact with the outside world, at least for a little while.

Have you ever seen one of those old French or Italian movies that show sidewalk cafes people wouldn’t have found with “coffee shops near me with WiFi” because … no Google to search with … where the patrons are drinking espresso out of little cups and never, never an “Americano”? What else do you see them doing?

Chatting with each other. Looking out into the street, then talking with the person they’re sitting with about what’s going on out there. Not with somebody they’re talking to on the phone because, of course, “Un téléphone que vous pouvez tenir dans votre main ? Mon Dieu!” (“A phone you can hold in your hand? My god!” We think. The French we remember from Ms. Bertrand’s class is a little rusty.)

Now before we go too far down that road, we promise you: This post is not a lament on our hyperconnected society and how we’ve lost our appreciation for simple human contact that doesn’t get compressed and filtered going into and out of your earbuds. We’re not some grumpy old relative who’s complaining that you’re on your phone or tablet or laptop again. That’s not us. You’re welcome to come in anytime and use up all the WiFies we got. We’ll get more.

We’re more of a caring aunt than a cranky uncle. And … we worry.

coffee shops near me with wifi

Park the Vespa, cue the accordion music

If you’re going to multitask — and by that we mean take care of business, personal or professional, while enjoying one of our delicious brews from Cartel Coffee Labs — we just don’t want you to forget the first two words of the search that might have brought you to our door: “coffee shop with WiFi near me.”
We don’t want you to be distracted by that business you brought with you. You don’t have to leave it outside, but life’s too short to let your coffee get cold.

So every once in a while, sit back, look up from the screen and across the umbrella tables out on the sidewalk to the dock where the lobster boats have just tied up for the evening — work with us here — and whisper something to yourself that you remember from Ms. Bertrand’s class that makes you smile. Then … take another sip.

“There’s no place like coffee shops near me with WiFi”

Of course, it’s also possible that, like your caring aunt, we worry too much. Because there’s a good chance that most of the people we see at Sip on their tablets and laptops and phones aren’t working too hard. They’re just living life, doing what they want to do. And that’s just fine.

In fact, when we think about it, that’s the main reason we ought to like to see people come in, sit down and log on. Because that’s what you do at home: at your table, on your couch, or sitting up in bed first thing in the morning. You:

  1. Pour yourself a cup, and
  2. Log on.

And if doing that at Sip means you feel at home, well … that’s exactly what we’re hoping for.

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