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Managing Team Projects: The Importance of Coffee Breaks

Project management can sometimes be a complicated task, especially if you’re working with an unfamiliar team. In such situations, business meetings are usually the way to go, with conference rooms being set up to have a lengthy introduction of a project. However, these overly formal gatherings can sometimes be dragging and unhelpful in bringing your staff together. With the inclusion of coffee breaks with your team, managing your group requirements will be an easier challenge to deal with.

The importance of taking coffee breaks

There’s a reason coffee is present in almost any type of social activity, from real estate open houses to hospital lounges. Drinking coffee, as a social activity, helps bring people together and acts as a catalyst to connect them further.

In this article, we will share three reasons coffee breaks are an essential part of running your team project:

1. They are great conversation starters

Coffee breaks are great for starting a project. They’re an effective icebreaker that allows you to have a formal conversation without requiring too much time from your team to know the gist of your project. This informal environment will enable them to pitch in and make conversation without feeling like they’re forced into a work activity.

2. They help motivate and calm your team

Caffeine is an excellent energy booster as it gives you higher energy levels, making it the perfect beverage to wake you up early in the morning. Having coffee keeps focused from the early morning to late nights, which makes coffee breaks great for long hours in the office.

Having an overworked staff can cause mistakes and delays in their outputs. It’s your job as a manager to designate time for your staff to work and relax. When you’re handling a project that requires your team to stay in the office, you should always know when to encourage them to step out of their work mode to give them a chance to take a rest.

3. They relieve tension in your team

Putting your team in a similar environment relieves tension in a group. You can see how a coffee break’s ‘magnetic properties’ works when people who are doing the same activities tend to move closer to each other. This is why casual events, such as drinking at the bar or buffets at a corporate dinner, are used to create an environment for social interaction.

Coffee is not just a social ice breaker, but it’s also an effective conflict resolution social setting. When you initiate a coffee break, you divide the conflict in the group by putting them in the same activity. Inhibitions and tensions are then abandoned as your team tries to get together and converse naturally and casually. This effectively allows you to diffuse tension by having conflicting parties talk it out by being open about their differences. 


The key to being a successful project manager is knowing how to handle your team’s highs and lows. Your goal isn’t to micromanage your staff, but to give them the right environmental conditions that allow them to perform their tasks effectively. Coffee breaks provide a versatile social environment that helps your team to relax and stay motivated in getting their work done.

We’re a local coffee shop in Arizona that’s a perfect destination for your coffee breaks. We offer live music, cold brews, and craft beers for any occasion. Reserve a table with us today!

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