Ordering at a Bar

Ordering at a Bar: What to Drink Based on Your Taste—A Guide

Going to the bar to end a long week is always something that people look forward to because they can finally unwind and finish their day on a good note. You go out with your friends or colleagues and expect to have a fantastic time, eating dinner, choosing a cool bar, and buying drinks to kick off your night.

If you prefer cocktails over beer, it can be quite a challenge to figure out what drink to get. With an array of options to choose from, you don’t know if you should opt for the bar’s bestseller or try something completely new. 

Keep reading below to find out the drinks you can consider depending on your preference, so the next time you visit a bar near you, you’re prepared to tell the bartender what you like right off the bat! 

If You Like Sweet Drinks

People who have a sweet tooth can opt for cocktails that will fulfill their cravings. You can order drinks at the bar with a fruity or sugary taste to kick off your night.

Black Russian

A black Russian drink is a mixture of sweet and bitter flavors because it contains coffee mixed with vodka and Kahlua. It’s served on the rocks, so you can really taste the combination with each sip and then topped off with a piece of cherry.

White Russian

The white Russian drink is similar to a black Russian since it’s also made of vodka and Kahlua, making it sweet and coffee-flavored as well. But it has another ingredient—heavy cream—which gives off a milky flavor and a creamy texture. 

The White Russian is also served in a rocks glass with ice and a cherry on top.


A Mudslide is the ultimate dessert cocktail for anyone who’s a huge fan of sweets. It’s a combination of Kahlua, Irish cream, vodka, heavy cream, and ice cream to make up its chocolatey and coffee-flavored taste. The ingredients are blended to form a milkshake, and later on presented with more whipped cream, a sprinkle of chocolate syrup, and a cherry to finish it off.

If You Like Sour Drinks

Sour liquor is perfect for people who want a balance between a sugary syrup and a juice made from lemon, lime, or grapes. You can get a combination of the two flavors to quench your thirst for both sweet and sour drinks.  

Whiskey Sour

A whiskey sour is created using a balance between lemon juice and syrup mixed in with some whiskey. The ingredients are added to a shaker and mixed properly, poured onto a rocks glass with ice, and finished off with a cherry. There’s also another version where a bartender shakes the cocktail with egg whites to form a foam over the top of the drink for an added touch.


A daiquiri is a cocktail made with lime and sour rum. It is a mixture of lime juice, syrup, and rum and is presented on the rocks. It is also garnished with a lime wedge for its final presentation. 


Margarita is a classic drink that’s simply tequila lime sour infused with triple sec for a sweet taste. It is poured over a cocktail glass that’s coated with salt on its rims to balance it all off. 


It’s great to visit different bars and try out the drinks they’re best known to serve. At the same time, if you want to make sure you enjoy your drink down to the last drop, you can settle for what you’ve grown accustomed to—and just enjoy the live music and the company you have. So whether you’re into sweet drinks or sour cocktails, you can always order the one you like best!

Are you looking for reputable bars near you to finally taste your perfect drink? SIP Coffee and Beer is an all-in-one coffee shop, tap house, cocktail bar, and restaurant. We offer locally-sourced and handmade products and welcome customers from all walks of life to try what we have to offer. Get in touch with us today so you can join our next happy hour!

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