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Craving Sip? Try Sip Coffee Catering for Your Next Big Event

Let’s talk about you. You’re busy. A lot is going on, and you have a lot to think about. Now, on top of everything else, you’ve got to plan an event. 

It could be a barbeque, a social, a wedding, you name it. It doesn’t matter what it is. What matters is that you get it done right.

Don’t stress. Let Sip Coffee & Beer handle the hard stuff. We have this coffee catering thing taken care of. Who doesn’t love a coffee cart? What about a complete breakfast and lunch?

Top Ten Reasons To Hire Sip Coffee & Beer For Your Next Catering Event

  1. Fantastic breakfast spread. We’ve got the American classic Continental Breakfast complete with danish, pastries, orange juice, and fresh fruit.
  1. Bagels! All of the bagels with all of the spreads.
  1. Are you more of a traditionalist when it comes to your mornings? We’ve got that covered too, with Potatoes O’Brian, bacon, eggs, and your moms’ favorite: English Muffins.
  1. A lunch to remember. You already know about our award-winning burritos. We’ve also got a boxed lunch with a grilled chicken burrito, or get wild and get a Turkey BLT and our exceptional family recipe pasta salad. Oh, you’re Vegan? We’ve got you covered with our sourdough veggie, mixed greens, and hummus sandwich topped with delicious raspberry vinaigrette. That’s not all! We have a build your own deli tray, perfect for that “I don’t know what I want” guest.
  1. Why shoulder the burden of catering or coffee catering? The less you think about it, the more time you have to spend on other things.
  1. “Perhaps the best espresso I have ever tasted.” That’s a real review from a real person and something we’re exceptionally proud of.
  1. Sip Coffee & Beer is all about that community feel. What you get is real Phoenix to the bone. We’re not a chain. We’re not a conglomerate. We’re all about you.
  1. Not to brag, but we’ve gotten quite a few awards over the years, including one of the best coffee shops in Phoenix by Thrillist, the best place for coffee in Phoenix by Big Seven Travel, and break out star by Phoenix Magazine.
  1. This is not a game. We are not a chain. We’re here to give you the best experience, coffee, and memories because we care about you and the community.
  1.  There’s a lot to be said about supporting a small business. We want to earn your business and keep it. We work hard to do that every day, and it keeps us moving forward.
  1. Bonus reason – Let us help! We want to!

Let’s Talk Coffee Catering & Coffee Cart

What if you’re just looking for a cool and fun way to keep your employees, friends, chess club, or book group alert and attentive? You don’t want to get the same old thing every time, do you? Sure, a big box of coffee and some questionable creamers is fine. But that’s just it. It’s fine. Boring, even. Let’s get a little pep in your step the right way, make a splash,

Sip coffee catering and our signature coffee cart is a surefire way to get everyone’s attention and make sure guests are suitably satisfied (and caffeinated!).

The cart is a favorite, and it doesn’t get complaints – it gets results. It looks like we took a counter from our store and brought it to you.

The beauty of the cart is that it comes as part of the catering. Just tell us where to be, and we show up. It’s your own personal coffee bar!

Let’s Talk Acclaim 

We got our start in 2014 in Scottsdale. It only took us a year to get a Zagat rating and the superlative of one of the “Hottest restaurants in Scottsdale.” That’s not all, though. How about Breakout Star in Phoenix magazine and Top 10 Places to see during the Super Bowl? That was in Newsweek.

And yes, we’re proud of those things, but that’s not what keeps us going, and that’s not why you should choose us for your next catering event. It’s not about sales talk, and it’s not about what we’ve done.

Talk to anyone who comes into our store. Our returning customers. We like to think of them as family. They rely on us every day to get them going, and we wouldn’t be anywhere without them.

We love our customers, and we love making them happy. That’s just what we do.

sip coffee catering coffee cart

Let’s Talk Cold Brew

Sure, there’s coffee in a mug, a little sugar, maybe some nice creamer. Then there’s the put that pop in your top cold brew that only we provide. We have a smooth, silky cold brew and nitro cold brew to keep your engine running like a clean machine.

There’s no better way to cool off in the Arizona heat than with Sip’s signature cold brew blend. This is coffee so pumped it’s ready for a pair of running shoes. It’ll hit that 5K with you. 

Our cold brew comes from a local coffee roastery called Cartel, and not only is it the best, but it’s 100 percent Arizona all the way.

We even have Keto-friendly bulletproof coffee with MCT oil. What’s it called? Kevlar iced coffee. 

How do we brew? With Aeropress or by Chemex, and all by hand. Every batch is made with care and attention to detail. If you want to give your get-together that extra pop, you know where to turn. We’re not amateurs. We know what we’re doing. Let’s get it going.

Five Easy Steps to Coffee Catering Glory

Step 1: Find out what you want. Figure out how many people you need to serve, and let us know.

Step 2: Figure out what menu you need to order from. Is this a morning event? Then the breakfast menu it is! Later in the day, we’ve got you covered with our phenomenal lunch menu. Or switch it up. 

Step 3: Call us. Now that you’ve taken a look at the menu, and once you know exactly what you want to order, it’s time to let us know. You can reach us at 602-300-9569. 

Step 4: Send us an email. If you skipped the last step and would rather reach us electronically, you can do so at

Step 5: Throw the best event ever, knowing that you don’t have to worry about the food or the coffee cart at all. Go have a great time. 

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