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Looking up Taphouse Scottsdale? Stop by Sip Taphouse Scottsdale

While on the road in Arizona, you have to stop by Sip Taphouse Scottsdale to enjoy delightful beverages from our varied menu. 

Some may think that Sip is specific to caffeinated beverages. But, if you believe that Sip House is only suitable for its coffee, you are in for a surprise. We also have different kinds of beers on our menu.

When looking for bars in Old Town Scottsdale, stop into Sip!

We Just Want to Make Your Life Interesting

Our goal is to ensure that our visitors have the best experience by providing different types of beverages. Therefore, we stock up on various delightful feel-good alcoholic drinks for you to enjoy.

We pride ourselves in having a team of experts who fix your custom cocktails. If you are lucky to come in during happy hour, you get to enjoy a wide variety of drinks.

What Can You Get At Sip Taphouse?

There are various things that you can enjoy at our bar, particularly the drinks.


You can take one look at our menu, and you will discover that we have people of all types in mind. If you prefer to start your day on a full stomach, come on in!

Try the continental breakfast where you can choose to enjoy it with either coffee or some fresh juice. We have your health and general wellness in mind when designing our menu.

We use high-grade coffee beans in our brewing. Also, our roasting process is accurate to ensure that we don’t compromise the integrity of our coffee. 

Afternoon Cocktails

The Arizona heat commands you to sit and rest with a chilled drink in your hand. But, we know that instead, you sometimes would rather lay back with a delicious cocktail. 

Our skillful team can design alcoholic and non –alcoholic cocktails for you. But, of course, nothing beats having a cocktail with the perfect ice to juice ratio in your hand.

We even take suggestions of cocktails that you would like us to incorporate into our menu. When looking for bars in Scottsdale, make Sip your first stop!

Assortment of Beers

Are you looking for a place to catch a few cold ones with friends? As one of the most popular bars in old town Scottsdale, we have earned recognition for our bar from the kinds of beers we serve.

We prefer to have various types of beer brews in our storage. And this is because different kinds of brewers use various ingredients across the country. 

We order from those brewers on your behalf, so all you have to do is order when you come in. Come in with friends and enjoy your evening with a chilled drink.

taphouse scottsdale

Memorable Ambience

The best way to enjoy any drink, be it a coffee or a beer, is in a welcoming and comfortable environment. That’s what you get at Sips Taphouse Scottsdale. 

Ours is one of the bars in Scottsdale where you can enjoy smooth tunes along with your perfectly chosen drink. It’s a perfect plan after a long week of work to enjoy good music and delicious drinks. Our tables can accommodate multiple guests at once, leaving plenty of space for movement. 

Being located in Scottsdale, Arizona, our Taphouse can get hot, so we have ACs installed in various sections of our premises for optimal comfort. We know that whatever you order from us goes better with a comfortable space, and we have your best interest in mind.

World Class Service

We understand that our customers are looking for convenience whenever they come to our establishment. We can help you finding a drink or space to sit with your company, 

Sip Taphouse Scottsdale has world-class services to ensure that our guests are comfortable. You can ask for help navigating our menus or request to have a custom drink made for you.

Where We Come From

We have been in operation for a while now. Most of our success comes from knowing what our clients value and want from us. For instance, we conduct extensive research into the different trending beverages to ensure that we stock them for our visitors.

We also ensure that we update our talented team. Our goal is to ensure that we uphold high standards like some of the other top-performing bars. That way, you don’t miss out on anything interesting, and neither do we. 

If you are new to the area or just visiting, you may be interested in discovering more than the products and services we have to offer. There are other facilities and the outdoors that you can enjoy exploring, like the Sonoran Desert after spending time at Sip Taphouse Scottsdale.

We recognize that it’s essential for every one of our customers to afford the services and goods that we offer and we have taken this information to heart. Looking through our menus, you will discover that we provide basic meals, beverages, and services at average prices.

If you have a party or celebration coming up, know that you can book with us to host events in our bar. Once you involve us in your event, you will receive the whole package, including different drinks and top-notch service. 

In Summary

It’s often hard to find a new spot to have drinks with your friends, especially when you move into a new town. However, look up “Taphouse Scottsdale,” and the name of our beautiful establishment will pop up. 

Getting to know us and all the food and drinks we have to offer introduces you to the city in a relaxed and comfortable way. With every new drink that our customers request, we get to learn more from them. That act also means that the next time the customer shows up, we will know their favorite beverage and serve it. 

Sip Taphouse Scottsdale is a little piece of heaven with loads of fun drinks to enjoy. It’s the perfect spot to create memories alone or with friends. Come and check us out next time you’re in the area!

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